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Step 1. Copy Your Accessibility Code

<script>(function(d){var s = d.createElement(“script”);s.setAttribute(“data-account”, “E7st5mW9qG”);s.setAttribute(“src”, “https://accessibilityserver.org/widget.js”);(d.body || d.head).appendChild(s);})(document)</script><noscript>Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of <a href=”https://accessibilityserver.org”>website accessibility</a></noscript>

Generate Your Accessibility Statement

Think of an accessibility statement as a insurance policy, it is important to have your business protected but an accessibility policy will only cover your website/business only 20%

Make Changes To Your Widget

Upload your logo, change the color, look and feel of your accessibility widget. Please note that changes can take up to 24 business hours to reflect. To expedite your request, please submit your changes below.

Request Your Accessibility Audit

An accessibility audit is an evaluation of how well your web content/ digital property supports the needs of web users with disabilities, carried out by our expert accessibility compliance officers .

Widget Installation Guide

Not sure how to install your accessibility widget?

Don't worry, our detailed installation guides will assist you every step of the way on almost every major content management system.

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